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Skiing in Livigno - more than 115 km ski slopes

Livigno - skipass free In Livigno you ski from the end of November to the beginning of May, on 115 km of perfectly maintained pistes and slopes of various levels from 1.800 to 2.900 metres in altitude, There are 12 black, 37 red and 29 blue slopes.

Livigno is divided in two parts, two sides of a valley - Mottolino and Carosello. Both parts offer various slopes for all ski lovers, also kindergartens, fun areas and playgrounds,

Of course restaurants in Livigno’s huts on ski slopes prepare all types of typical food for Alta Valtellina area.

Name Type Length Name Type Length
CAROSELLO 3000 I Cabinovia 1050 m MOTTOLINO Cabinovia 1873 m
CAROSELLO 3000 II Cabinovia 2749 m MONTE DELLA NEVE Seggiovia 2071 m
AMERIKAN Skilift 391 m PASSO EIRA Skilift 290 m
BABY LAC SALIN Seggiovia 251 m MONTE SPONDA Seggiovia 1645 m
BLESACCIA I Seggiovia 1332 m PEMONT Skilift 752 m
BLESACCIA II Seggiovia 1360 m TEOLA-PIANONI BASSI Seggiovia 1258 m
CAMPO SCUOLA Seggiovia 399 m TREPALLE Seggiovia 1061 m
CASSANA Cabinovia 8 posti 878 m VALFIN-M.DELLA NEVE Seggiovia 1508 m
DOSS Skilift 478 m
FEDERIA Seggiovia 1121 m
FONTANE-VETTA Seggiovia 1302 m
LIVIGNO-TAGLIEDE Cabinovia 8 posti 674 m
MINI LIFT Skilift 276 m
PALIPERT Skilift 326 m
PIAN DELLA VOLPE Skilift 515 m
SAN ROCCO Seggiovia 371 m
SAN ROCCO Skilift 438 m
SCIOVIA DEL SOLE Skilift 252 m
SKI SCHOOL AREA Skilift 232 m
TAGLIEDE-COSTACCIA Cabinovia 8 posti 959 m
VALANDREA Skilift 315 m
VALANDREA-VETTA Seggiovia 1496 m