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Livigno - great place for your holiday

Livigno – small, tucked away, abandoned, village cut off from the world. Closed among the high mountains at an altitude of 1800 meters. A few houses, a few farms. Do you know Livigno like this? It’s been a long time.

Livigno - skipass freeToday in Livigno permanently lives almost 5,000 people. Number of houses has not changed, but on every available place grew out new hotel, apartment house or shop in recent years. There is still a lot of places where you can imagine how this could look like in the 60’s of last century - there were two ski lifts, 5 hotels, two restaurants and a few shops. Now everything is in the hundreds and thousands. Hundreds of shops, hundreds of restaurants, thousands of persons, thousands of skiers ...

Nowadays during the winter time in Livigno is
- already more than 1.000.000 skiers transported
- 40 snow cats for the perfect grooming of all the run
- 100 snow guns used for snowmaking covering 70% of skiable terrain
- 6 ski & snowboard school
- over 30 ski rental shops

Nevertheless, Livigno is a great place to spend a holiday. After all city closed on all sides by mountains does not allow develop further and further from the centre. Hotels do not have 20 floors, but there are still three or four-storey not to disturb the atmosphere of the town. This does not mean that they do not have the space to offer services. They solved all in underground. Under the pedestrian zone is not only parking for hotel guests, but also most of the fitness and wellness centres, discos and clubs, shops. Therefore anything does not disturb the idyllic panorama of the town.